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Why people buy problem infested houses on a
“whim” and how you avoid this disaster...
For most of us looking at houses to buy is something we want to do with our head in the clouds! We always want what we can’t have and when we get close to buying it’s hard to see the wood for the trees!
It’s only human nature to always want the house on the next level - money wise! The problem this causes is that we get emotional and make buying decisions on a whim! Most of us don’t have the knowledge or experience of a building expert, we only have what we see, what we like and our gut feeling...
If you are SELLING a house, here's how you might be able to get more money...
Are you worried as a home seller what the process of selling your home may unveil or that the buyer is going to ask you awkward questions later on down the line?

A house inspection report does not just benefit the buyer.  Vendors can increase their ability to sell their home by using this service too…

Consider this…you are trying to sell your home and a problem is discovered just prior to the unconditional stage.  Not only do you then lose your sale, you may also lose the home you were intending to buy, money, etc.  With an inspection report, you can

For First Time Buyers, the RISK IS EVEN GREATER!
Most of us can’t afford our dream home first time round, hence we are more likely to buy pre-loved houses and can’t wait to renovate.  Most of us aren’t looking at the details we are more focused on dreaming about “the potential”.  The danger in this is that “pre-loved” houses often have hidden problems that can cost you money down the track!  As a first home buyer money is tighter so there is NO room for surprise repairs and maintenance bills. 
Success Story
This an endorsement about how NZHIC helped us when we bought our new home!
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Bob and Jane